Top Self Storage Mistakes

Whether you are in the process of relocation or are looking to  reduce the clutter in your home, self-storage is arguably the most preferred option for many. However, due to the lack of experience and sufficient know-how, you may end up making certain self-storage mistakes, which can potentially ruin the items or make you lose track of them. Below are some of the most common self-storage mistakes.

Failing to insure your items

This could result in you having sleepless nights when a disaster strikes such as a natural calamity or an accident which could damage your items beyond repair. Generally, many of us do not give enough thought to insuring our possessions — especially the ones of high value. So, if you are planning to store your household stuff, make sure to insure them in order to protect the items from any possible catastrophic event.

Using newspaper to wrap items

Wrapping up the items only in newspaper is not a clever idea. Certain household items, which are made up of glass, porcelain etc. could easily end up breaking into pieces if wrapped only with a layer of paper. So always make it a point to bubble wrap the items first and then perhaps cover with paper. This will protect your items from preventable breakage.

Storing food

This is one of the biggest self-storage mistakes of all. Generally, food is perishable and so when not refrigerated properly, will rot, and possibly damage surrounding items. And even though, non-perishable foods can be stored in air-tight containers for extended periods, it is best to avoid the storage of food in storage units altogether.

Not having enough time or help

Leaving everything to the eleventh hour could eventually make you lose track of certain items or mishandle items that need utmost care while storing. At the same time, although self-storage is a great choice, trying to manage this task single-handedly could be daunting. Storing of items require proper planning, time and a helping hand so as to avoid last minute glitches.

Not labeling boxes

Unfortunately, many of us ignore the labeling of boxes after having stored the items. Avoid this practice! It is this kind of mistake that could give rise to confusion and chaos when you start searching for a specific item of importance. You might end up unpacking all the items in the process, which could lead to a big mess! Therefore, always make it a point to write down the list of items being stored in the box and label it accordingly.

Choosing the wrong sized unit

This self-storage mistake commonly occurs when there is inadequate planning on your part. In some cases, it also results in the wasted storage unit space, causing you to pay more.  Although choosing the size of the storage unit may seem to be a tricky decision, the calculations are really not so difficult. All you need is to chalk out the items that are stackable and the ones which are not. This would help you systematically plan for storage of the items and to save money by utilizing the space of your storage unit appropriately. Also, Neighborhood Self Storage has a planning calculator that could help you make this decision.

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