So You’re Getting Deployed

Deployment often comes suddenly and unexpected. Now, you are being forced to box up all of your possessions, and choose where you will need store all of your belongings for the following months. For many, self-storage is the most appropriate solution, and determining your needs beforehand can make this task less stressful. Here you will find items to consider when planning for your deployment.

Make a Checklist
Doing this can simplify your storage process. No one wants to remember that one thing that was not done, after they are already long gone. Write it down, you’ll be glad you did!

Space Requirements
Decisions here will often make a huge difference on your pocketbook. Getting too much storage space will drain your wallet. Decide how many boxes and what size unit you require before you start seeking out a self-storage solution, you will thank yourself for it later.

Packing Supplies
Boxes need to be taped shut and labeled, making packing tape and permanent markers almost a necessity. Adding packing mediums such as ‘packing peanuts’ and bubble wrap to your list, as well as, furniture wrap will help protect everything from getting damaged in route or while you’re away.

Vehicle Storage
Often the same business will have storage dedicated for vehicles, finding a storage solution that can cater to all your needs will make your deployment that much simpler.

Making Payments
You can find self-storage facilities that offer online payments, or even better, automatic payments. Locating Specials and Discounts in your area is another way to save a few dollars, thus keeping your wallet fat for your return home.

Moving It All
You can choose to hire a moving company, or you can just rent a vehicle and the equipment to handle the move by yourself. If taking on the packing and hauling on your own, you might consider a furniture dolly or an appliance dolly for your move, using either of these will exponentially speed up your loading and unloading process, and most are readily available for renting at the storage facility of your choice. Don’t forget about securing the load on the way to storage, at this point, losing or breaking an item will only cause more time and money.

Moves and deployments are stressful times for everyone, let self-storage de-stress the situation for you.

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