Things To Consider With International Moves

Everyone knows that moves can be stressful but international moves particularly can be super stressful because they throw up some unique challenges.  Besides having to deal with the emotional turmoil of being uprooted from your home and a separation from your dear family & friends and in many cases even your language, there is the big task of preparing for the international move. There are so many aspects that one needs to prepare for, starting with hiring a reputable moving company before deciding on what to take, bin or store and readying all the necessary paperwork. Let’s face it-moving from one country to another is undeniably hard work and demanding. Here are a few guidelines to help make your international relocation as easy as possible.

Search For Good and Reputable Movers

With an international move besides the normal risks similar moving within your home country there are also issues with overseas shipping to mull over such as loss or damage to your possessions, clearing customs of the home country where you are moving to and more.

It is important to research for good international movers with years of service track record. Be sure to check out the reviews from consumer review sites like the Better Business Bureau, Yelp and more. You should also check out whether the company holds all necessary licenses needed to operate as a moving company.

Get recommendations from people who have made the same move before, so for example, if you are moving from Colorado to Brussels, then get in touch with people who made the same journey from your area to Belgium.

If you are moving for work, then make sure to enquire from the human resources department about previous experiences of other employees. Get a list of recommended movers and other resources from them to help make your move easy.

Look up online discussion forums for ex-pats and ask for advice. Participants are more than happy to share the lessons they learnt from their experiences and offer referrals to reputable movers.

Things To Think About When It Comes To Storage

If your overseas move is temporary, then storing your possessions may be a better and cheaper option than shipping your belongings back and forth. When considering moving costs, you have to calculate the cost of shipping your belongings vs. the cost of storage and either renting or buying necessary things when you get abroad.

What About Furniture?

When it comes to moving all of your furniture overseas, the most important consideration is where you are going to be staying once you get there. In a new country getting a furnished apartment or house may be the preferred option because it just makes life so much simpler. If you do want to take your furniture along with you, you need to make a good evaluation of the space you will have. Remember that most Asian and European homes are much smaller than the American counterparts, so you may end up lugging too much furniture and no space for it.

Do consider finding a reliable self storage facility to store your furniture in, especially if your move is permanent. If you have no plans of returning then a yard sale may be the right choice. It will give you some extra cash to help with the move.

Should I Pack All My Clothing?

Do think of the climate of the new place you are moving to before deciding on what clothing to bring with you for your move.  Only take clothes that you will be using. Save money and carry only what you need. For example, that heavy parka will be of no use in hot climates. Make sure you know how that country sizes their clothes so you are aware of the difference when you go clothes shopping the first time.

Is It Worth Taking All Electronics Items?

Make sure all your electronics equipment will work in your new country before you start packing your TV and games console. Most foreign countries have different plugs and even if you use a universal adapter the voltages may be different.  Most nations have a standard of 220v but in the good old US the standard is 120v. Why pay to move all your electronics, if they’re going to short out when you plug them in? Most mobile phones can adjust to the change in voltage so you can bring that along with you. Though you will need to call your service provider to check out the overseas plans and make adjustments to your plan to avoid costly overages.

Paperwork Organization

Not only do you have to sort out your belongings to know what you are taking, leaving, or getting rid of. You also have to prepare and ready all the necessary paperwork. This is perhaps the most important part of moving and it can easily go wrong. Follow a simple system for organizing all the paperwork in a single binder. Use several clear binder sleeves to slide all your paperwork in. Carry your birth certificates, insurance papers, marriage license, your children’s school records, doctor’s records, and more. If everything is in a single binder, you know where to go when looking for a particular document. No more scrambling to find the right papers. Binders are easy to put in your carry-on bag so that it is with you at all times. You never know when you will need some document or another.

Do not let the stress of the move overwhelm you. An international relocation is an exciting adventure, provided you plan and prepare for the big move well ahead of time.

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