How To Pack Mirrors For Moving

Even if you do not believe in the superstition that breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck, you will definitely want to avoid any cracks or breaks in your mirror or expensive artwork. Mirrors and artwork can be extremely expensive to replace and it may also have some sentimental value. Making sure that your mirror gets to its destination safely can be hard work but if you want to ensure that it arrives intact at your new home then proper packing is important. Just as with your mirror, artwork, glass table top or panels are fragile too and need extra care when packing and moving. Here are some great tips for packing and moving mirrors safely and to prevent damage and cracks in your glass.

Things Needed to Pack A Mirror

Measure your mirrors and glass and have everything at hand ready for packing before you begin. You will need the following items-

  1. Masking or Duct tape
  2. Strong quality packing tape
  3. Cardboard Boxes and Cardboard Sheets
  4. Pro-wrap or bubble wrap
  5. Removal blankets

Prep Your Mirrors to Minimize Any Breakage

 Use Masking Tape For Safety

Always keep the glass upright and do not lie it down flat. Use masking tape or duct tape to mark an “X” across the glass for extra strength to the glass. And if the glass does get damaged, it will help keep the rest of the glass together.  Or you can even tape up the surface of the mirror horizontally and vertically in a grid pattern to prevent the glass mirror from shattering and also to protect yourself when transporting the glass panels or mirror

Protect The Corners

If the mirror does not have a frame then you do need to be careful when wrapping and moving it. You can cut up pieces of cardboard to fit around the corners and tape these securely to the glass to help protect the corners and also your hands while moving it around. If you are moving a large sheet of glass, it is best to put another piece of cardboard in the middle of the four sides to make it easy to move..

Cushion your Glass

If you managed to get hold of sheets of cardboard to wrap your glass or mirror in, then now is the time to do so. Or else use Pro wrap or bubble wrap to wrap the mirror tightly and tape it down to form a protective cushioning. When using only 10mm bubble wrap, you will need to re-wrap a few times and tape up securely to protect the mirror from bumps during the move. You can also use a removal blanket. If your mirror has a wooden frame, then it is better to use cardboard or pro wrap first rather than bubble wrap.

Pick The Right Box For Your Glass or Mirror.

Place the mirror in an appropriately sized cardboard box to protect you and your item while in transit. Placing the mirror in a box also makes it easier to move around. Making sure you have the right size box to pack the mirror in will make the job easier. You can two boxes and use one as the base and the other as the lid. Cut it down to size and seal with packing tape. Fill any empty space inside the box with more bubble wrap or rolls of paper towels as you don’t want the mirror flopping around. The rule of thumb is that the heavier the mirror, the sturdier the box should be. You can even buy mirror cartons for large, heavy mirrors. These are sturdy boxes consisting of four pieces of cardboard that piece together for complete protection. These specialty boxes are available at home improvement stores, self storage facilities, or truck rental companies.

Use Fragile Labels On The Box.

It is vital to clearly label the exterior box containing your mirror as fragile and also to write instructions in with thick marker- Do Not Lay Flat. You should also point it out to the movers when they arrive so they don’t disregard it. Communicate with the movers what needs extra care during transit. Carefully labeling your box will make it clear to you and also the person loading the truck about what is in the box so that it can be placed safely during the move..

During Transport

If you have hired professional movers, they will know where to place it in their truck but if you are loading the truck yourself then you need to ensure that it is secure while in transit. The best idea is to hold it between two lounges or larger furniture so that it does not move or smash into the side of the box during the move. Never lay your mirror down as it can cause it to break and never ever place any items on top.


If your mirror or glass item is expensive, then you should insure your items. Get transit insurance to insure your items while they are in transit or storage.

Hope this guide helps you pack your mirrors well during a move. If you have any other questions about moving your belongings into storage or if we at Neighborhood Self Storage can help in any way, do let us know. We are more than happy to help you plan and prepare for your move. Check out our Aurora, Centennial and Elizabeth/Parker storage specials & discounts, available online.

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