Self Storage For ebay and Etsy Shops

Small businesses, even ones that begin in the garage or living room, need space for office documents, supplies and inventory. As your business grows, so does the demand for space. There is limited space in your home and if your office project crowds up your living room, it can quickly build up stress in the household along with clutter. The trend of selling high quality, handmade and unique products, from furniture to fashion clothing, is picking up in online marketplaces like Etsy and eBay shops. With increasing success the people running these small online businesses often grow out of space in their homes. Many Etsy shop owners struggle to manage their inventory with rising demand from customers and have turned to self storage units for storing inventory, materials, tools and other office supplies safely.

Use a Storage Unit to Grow Your Business

Etsy shops have been gaining in popularity with positive reviews from satisfied customers and it further fuels the demand for more products. With products as diverse as furniture, decor, wooden toys, clothing and accessories an increase in trade volume requires more materials, quicker turnover rates, which can take up a lot of space. Most of these small online shops start in the comfort of the home but within a few months of doing business and becoming successful, they run out of space. It is easy to clutter your home with products that accumulate fast and soon you may not have enough room to move around, which makes your job even more difficult. Self storage provides the much needed extra square feet to store products and if required also operate from under one roof. Many online retailers need more stock during the Christmas period and therefore need more space. Self storage units are very flexible so you can upsize or downsize easily at short notice, which saves you from paying for space that you do not require.  Some shop owners find it convenient to not only store their products like furniture in self storage but also to access it anytime to show products to potential clients living in and around the area.

Use a Storage Unit to Keep Inventory Organized

If you have been selling products through an Etsy shop, chances are you will have to manage a growing inventory and products you sell in your store will evolve. Small or home-based businesses that need to carry stock and struggle with space in their garage or spare room can immensely benefit from renting a self storage unit. Self storage facilities have units of different sizes and it makes commercial sense to rent one according to your need, instead of investing capital in a commercial property. Trends keep changing with the times. Storage unit are the perfect place for all off-season stock and to move materials back and forth from work space to storage. Having the space to store off season materials can help you rotate seasonal materials to keep your work area organized and more productive, so you can concentrate more efficiently on current products. Self storage frees up space at home and also provides small business owners the opportunity to buy materials in bulk wholesale, at any convenient time and price.

Use a Storage Unit to Store Items Safely

Storing inventory at home is never safe. There is always the threat of theft and if fire, flooding and other disasters happen, chances are your household insurance won’t cover your stock. A self-storage facility proves to be a cost-effective solution for many small e-commerce businesses as it offers secure, fully protected storage rooms to suit your requirements. Facilities generally have 24/7 security with CCTV and fire/intruder alarms and gated access. Each room will have its padlock, alarm system and you will be the only one holding the key to your key.

Use a Storage Unit for Extra Services

Reputable self-store providers often offer a range of optional value added services to help your business run efficiently, such as taking delivery of goods on your behalf at the reception, offering additional liability cover, moving help with van rental, etc. You will be able to use trolleys and pallet trucks for loading and unloading. You can easily get boxes, containers, racking and shelving from your self storage provider for organizing your storage space. If your products can get damaged from heat and humidity then you can also avail climate-controlled storage units for protecting your materials and products.

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