Simple Ways of Cutting Clutter in Your Kitchen Space

Did you know that a cluttered kitchen can make you eat mindlessly on sugary, fatty snacks, but cleaning up and getting your kitchen organized may help you slim down. Cornell University released a study report in the journal “Environment and Behavior,” analyzing the effects of the environment on human behavior. Women were made to wait in a messy kitchen with newspapers and mail scattered, dishes piled up in the sink and a choice of snacks within easy reach. More than half the women in a cluttered kitchen opted for the cookies instead of carrots. Researchers found that women in a cluttered kitchen ate 53 more calories from cookies than the other half in an organized kitchen, who refused the same snacks.

Clutter in the kitchen gets in the way of healthy eating goals. Junk the mess in your kitchen to keep inches off your waistline. Adopt these habits for a clutter-free kitchen.

  1. Confine Clutter

It is more essential to keep your kitchen clutter-free than keeping it sparkling clean. Remove random items cluttering your countertop, such as cell phones or keys, magazines, and the rest of life’s miscellanea. Keep it all in cloth grocery baskets neatly. At the end of the day, just pick up stuff from the basket to put it back in its right place.

  1. Make Space for Paper

In most homes, the kitchen counter becomes a sacred ground for stacks of mail, junk mail and other paper clutter. Sort your mail immediately and use the bin to dispose of catalogs, ads and other junk straight away. Consider buying a decorative, shallow container for your counter, to put your bills, letters and other papers in.

  1. Do away with Extra Gadgets

A lot of kitchen equipment and small gadgets pile up over the years but they don’t see much use in the kitchen though. Stash all such items in a box for a test period of few months to find out if you are indeed using any of them. If you do use any item from the box, you can put it back in the kitchen. But the remaining items still in the box at the end of the test period should go. Consider donating, giving away or selling small appliances and other kitchen items you don’t use. Throw away perishables that have gone bad, broken plates, glasses, and storage containers you no longer have any use for.

  1. Organize Your Drawers

In the kitchen, it is an absolute must to keep the drawers organized so simple tools, and cutlery, etc are easy to find. It becomes harder to prepare healthy meals, if you cannot find the right utensils and tools for it. Kitchen drawer organizers can be used for your spoons, knives and forks.  As a decorative take, you can store your spatulas and large spoons in a vase on your countertop.

  1. Place Items Based on Frequency of Use

Kitchens appear neater when items are kept behind closed cabinet doors rather than in the open. To keep your kitchen organized, keep small appliances that are used daily, like your coffee maker, toaster on the counter. Appliances that are less frequently used, as in once a week or month, like your food processor, can sit on the lower shelf or be stacked in a cupboard. But the seasonal kitchen stuff you use maybe a year, can be stored safely in the basement or garage, out of the way.

  1. Keep Healthy Snacks in Easy Reach

A study by Wansink found that people who had cereals on the kitchen counter weighed 20 pounds more than those who put a bowl of fruit on the counter. When you get your groceries, take a few minutes to clean and prep fruits and veggies, for consumption through the week. Put out healthy dry fruits and seeds in mason jars, up front on the kitchen counter.

  1. Do not Pile

Avoid piling anything besides bowls, cloth napkins, or white plates, as it does not look great. You can hang pots and pans on the wall. Put away pot lids and food processor blades on magnetic knife strips. Trash bags and kitchen wrap can be stored on a roller. It is much easier to find items for use when they are lined up and stored in a neat way, instead of all being piled up in a big mess.

  1. Break up your chores

It is essential to be clean, tidy and neat in order to maintain a clutter-free kitchen. But you do not have to struggle with cleaning chores every weekend, if you can do just a little tidying around the kitchen every day. That way you can keep your kitchen clean without breaking a sweat and stressing.

Make it a rule of life to always leave the kitchen better than you found it by quickly wiping the table as you pass through, loading the dishwasher before things pile up in the sink. Keep an eye on the small things in the kitchen to avoid it becoming a big problem area later.

Unused kitchen appliances, tools and accessories take up a lot of premium space in counters and cabinets.  All the pots, pans, cake tins, storage containers and utensils sit in the back of cabinets and gather dust.  Self storage can be a great solution for storing home items and appliances that you want to hang on to for a little longer. There may be no room for them in your home, but you may want to store them for the future to hand it down to your family or to use later.  Get your kitchen organized and remove the clutter. Move excess stuff taking up space in your home to your nearest Self-storage facility.

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