How to Choose a Self-Storage Facility?

Self-Storage is obviously not cheap, but it is an ideal place for many people (who are moving into a new business, starting an online business or renovating their place) to keep their belongings together, under the eyes of supervision. Such kind of facilities keeps your items safe and secure, thus giving you a peace of mind to go away from your belongings for some time.

Though there are several storage facilities available to choose from, but not all facilities offer the same level of peace of mind. Some are too expensive, and other are too cost effective. How would you choose the one that goes perfectly with all your needs?

Look at the 5 points to be taken into consideration when looking for a self-storage facility. These will definitely help you narrow down your list and shortlist the best provider. Here you go:

Type of Storage Need

You need to make sure that you’re choosing the right type of storage unit, else you could end up choosing something that is not suitable or not cost effective for your needs, which wouldn’t be good for you and your belongings in near future. Looks at the household items you need to keep in a storage unit and choose an accurate size that goes perfectly with your goods, because if you rent a unit that is too big, you would be paying extra money and equally, choosing a unit that is too small in size would ask you to rent another unit to keep all your belongings. Once you have a rough overview of all the items you need to store at a storage facility and size of the units required, ask a number of providers to send their quotations. After receiving their quotations, tell them how long you are going to rent their unit, so you can get few discounts on it (if there would be any.)


Yes, location is everything, especially when you need to access your stored items on daily basis. In this cases, choosing a storage facility closely located to your place or at a distance of an hour drive perfectly makes sense. However, if you know that you don’t have to make frequent visit to access your belongings and you can save money by choosing a provider located outside from your location, then this, on the other hand, also makes sense. You really need to consider your


Before you made up your mind and choose a provider of your choice, consider how often you need to access your storage unit and at what times you might need to visit the location. Not every storage provider works round the clock throughout the year, so if you are looking for someone with same working hour functionality, do you research work properly. For many, it is quite fine to access the unit in weekdays, but there is nothing worse than requiring an item stored in the storage unit and you are unable to access it for few days, so it is important to take everything into consideration when deciding whom you are going with.

Safety and Security

For all those people looking to rent a storage facility, security and safety are the two important factors that must be taken care of when it comes to keeping your belongings at a self-storage unit and be honest, you obviously would not want to choose a provider that stores your items without any guarantee. Always make sure that the provider you choose always offer a level of security, including 24 hours surveillance cameras, security parameter, security code, lockable access, and also, don’t forget to think about insurance as well. You don’t have to go with someone who offers you security more than a prison, but make sure that you get the basic security and safety that gives you a peace of mind.

Special Offers

Everyone loves to claim special offers, and you, as a renter of self-storage units, should not be different, so it is wise to look at the storage facilities that offer you some kind of offer when you store your belongings with them. From attracting new customers to short term and long term discounts, most of the storage facilities are always in demand for running special promotions, and if that offers attracts you, helps you save money or give you something in the back, it’s worth to look at them and ask for their quotation. It is something that you should never hesitate to ask as a customer because you’re going to be a part of their company and using their storage services, so you have full rights to ask about the offers if not displayed on their website.

We, at Neighborhood Self Storage, offer our storage units with utmost safety and security. Also, with us, you can access your storage unit at any time of your choice; there is strictly no limitation on accessibility. We work 24/7 to deliver an amazing customer experience to our clients. Contact us to know more and avail our service now.

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