5 Uncommon Ways To Use Self Storage – #1: Product Warehouse

When it comes to self-storage, most folks think of the additional storage capacity people gain for their household items. From extra furniture to seemingly worthless heirlooms, people use mini storage to store stuff. In this series of posts, we’ll explore how to use a self-storage unit for much more.

Uncommon Use #1 – Product Warehouse

Self storage can make an accessible and affordable product warehouse.

Keep your products and close by using a self storage unit as a local product warehouse.

When you think of a product warehouse, oftentimes what comes to mind are massive warehouses with forklifts and golf carts. Many times these warehouses are where manufacturers send product to be distributed to either individual businesses or locations.

However, when you think of a small business, or an office space, there is little room to keep supplies or product. Yes, you can keep a small supply on-hand, but have you ever calculated the cost of ordering small amounts of supplies and product frequently over being able to order in bulk? Or, if you’re in outside sales, how close is your operational base? Does it make sense to have to travel back to your base whenever you need additional stock?Could you possibly benefit from having higher stock capacity central to where your sales actually occur?

Self-Storage For Economies Of Scale

For businesses, frequently the amount of something you’re able to order is where you get economies of scale, otherwise known as discount or bulk-buying.

The challenge is having the space to achieve the effective economies of scale for your business. Self-storage solutions are a great way to expand your capacity, and at a much lower cost per square foot than your office space. Having a local “warehouse” that you can access when you need supplies and products ensures you always have what you need, when you need it. Rather than ordering when you’re at risk of not being able to supply demand for your product, you are able to order when your stock begins to get thin, and can store it effectively until it’s actually needed.

Determining The Best Storage Solution For Your Business

As you explore the idea of leveraging a storage facility for your business, there are several factors you should consider:

  1. Location & Accessibility: Storage location is everything. Is the facility close to your place of business or close to where you do business? If you’re running a retail business or office space, you’ll want a location no more than 10 minutes from your business. This ensures that if you need something in a jam, you’re not going to spend several hours trying to get it. You’ll also want to ensure you’ll be able to access your storage warehouse when you need it, so be sure to check into 24 hour access and office hours.
  2. Professional Storage Staff: Face it, self-storage units are essentially boxes of air. So what separates one from another? Next in line, after location, is going to be the knowledge of the staff that will help you with your storage needs. Do they understand the needs of storage for business? Are they able to offer suggestions for how to make your storage space more effective for your business, such as the right kind of shelving to help provide the access to what you need easily? This can be a crucial factor for having a successful “warehouse.”
  3. Security: Does the facility have security installed, such as a locked gate, functioning cameras, and effective lighting? If you’re storing for your business, you’ll want to ensure your products and supplies will be safe and accessible when you need them.
  4. Climate Control: Do you need climate controlled space? Aside from legal considerations, such as pharmaceutical supplies, you may not need the extra expense of actual climate controlled storage if another alternative is available, such as partial subterranean storage units.

Business Self Storage For Smoky Hills Area

If your business is near or brings you frequently to the Smokey Hills area of Centennial, Neighborhood Self Storage offers exceptional storage facilities for both businesses and individuals alike. We offer self storage conveniently located just west of E-470, our facility is staffed by knowledgeable storage professionals. We even make it easy for businesses to store by accepting deliveries. Contact us at (303) 785-7578 to schedule a tour of this facility designed with businesses in mind.

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