Most Common Things People Forget To Do When Moving House

Many people fear moving homes at the thought of the overwhelming house removals process. But there are no shortcuts to any place worth going. You have everything boxed up and looks like you are ready to move. But have you got everything covered?  Moving can be a hugely taxing process and when you are juggling so many balls in the air, you are bound to drop a few. People often overlook some essential or even insignificant things in their to-do list when they move. At A Better Self Storage we have compiled a list of the most common things people forget to do when shifting addresses to help you check them off when it comes to moving day.

Compare The Cost Of Living

You would be surprised at how many people undertake a move into a completely new neighborhood or cross over to another state without considering the cost of living there. There are a number of cost of living calculators available on the web to help you compare the cost and show you how far your salary will go in your new home. You will be able to factor in the cost of food, utilities, and other miscellaneous costs associated with being a homeowner in the new neighborhood so that there are no nasty surprises later!

Update Bills For Major Services

It is wise to stay on top of your bills by scheduling your payments though auto-pay. But many people forget to update the information for major services like cable, phone, and internet when they move. You need to do this at least a week in advance to give their systems time to catch up. Arrange for medical and bank record transfers. Cancel all recurring charges on your credit card that will not be moving with you like mail-order medications, magazines, newspapers, and other subscription-based services. Cancel any recurring charges that won’t move with you. Make sure to also inform your local health club about the move and if it is a franchise, you can usually transfer your membership to a new location.

Inform Everyone You Know Of The Move

Do take a final meter reading of your gas, electricity and water meters on the day of your move to avoid incorrect charges in the future. Do let the relevant outlets know that you are moving home.

Besides your family and friends, there are other people in your life that need to know about your move. You should also inform these people about your new location.

Professional Services: Attorneys, insurance companies, doctors, accountants, dentists, tax assessors, pharmacists, and vets.

Community Members: Schools, alumni associations, charities, church clubs, pet licensing.

Post Office: You can start mail forwarding with the post office for a few months to help ensure that your mail gets rerouted to you if you have missed informing anyone.

Packing Essentials

In the haste of packing, people throw anything and everything into boxes, without considering what they will need the day of the move. You are likely to need certain items when you arrive in your new place. This includes things such as kitchen supplies to prepare a quick meal, toiletries, electronics (laptops, mobile devices etc.) and clean linens, towels. You should have an overnight bag packed with your essentials to get you through the night before moving day and immediately after you move to your new place.

Managing Children and Pets

Moving day is a particularly stressful experience for kids, seniors and pets primarily because it is a disruption of their familiar daily routine. So it is better to be prepared and avoid stress during the move. Keeping things simple and relaxed can help make the move easy on vulnerable children, seniors and pets. Make arrangements for your kids and pets to be looked after on moving day. This will give you the opportunity to get on with moving in to your new home without any problems.

Collect Keys

You may have arranged the move perfectly but it will all go to waste, if you do not have the keys to enter your new house once you get there. You would be surprised at how many people forget this essential item. In the chaos of the move people often forget to ask for keys and this usually means spending a few more hours waiting for the keys to be delivered or arranging for a locksmith to get new keys made.

Locate Stores In The Neighborhood

You will be needing groceries, tools, and essentials immediately after your move. So before embarking on your move, map out the stores your new home is closest to. Get to know your surroundings and neighborhood stores well. Take a drive through your new neighborhood to get your bearings right. So when you need to order in food or have to run out for a tool, you will know exactly where to go.

Storing Special Items

You are likely to have items that you are going to use eventually, but which may not be needed for some time. Such items and belongings are better suited for a self-storage unit. When you move to a new location, you do not need to cram absolutely everything into your new home immediately. Rather you should invest in a self-storage unit to remove some of the stress and burden of moving

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