5 Uncommon Ways To Use Storage Space – #2: Man Cave

There is so much more you can use self storage for than simply storing heirlooms and extra furniture. In the last 5 Uncommon Ways To Use Storage, we explored using self storage as a warehouse for extra product or supply storage for a business. This time, let’s explore a unique use that’s a little more fun.

Uncommon Use #2 – Man Cave

Aurora self storage units can make an incredible man cave.

Self storage and vehicle storage units can make perfect man caves.

Many people want to have a space of their own. Whether it’s a place to get away and have time to yourself, or a place for your hobbies, a so-called man cave can be a perfect solution. So how does self storage work into that equation?

When you rent a storage unit, you are simply renting space. Normally it’s used to store the normal things: boxes of stuff you don’t need around the house, old furniture, and that puzzling painting your grandparents brought back from their “senior” cruise you think might just be worth something one day. However, depending on the facility you choose to use, you may have a perfect man cave in the making. If you’re looking for a great way to develop a man cave, without having to add on to your house, consider the following to find a self-storage facility that may just be perfect:

  1. Do you have electricity in the storage unit? Not all storage units have electricity inside the unit, including interior lighting. Depending on what you plan to do, you’ll want to investigate if you have the option for electricity in your unit, either preexisting, or the ability to bring it in from an existing line. If you have lights inside the unit already, be sure to check with facility management before splicing electrical wiring from the socket, creating a potentially dangerous fire hazard.
  2. Can you add shelves? Many self storage facilities will allow you to construct shelves within the unit. However, you’ll want to consider what the load capacity of the shelves needs to be for your use, and whether the support of the shelves can withstand that load. For instance, if the unit has foam walls instead of metal walls, the load capacity will be much less. Additionally, if you need to anchor to a stud, you’ll need to ensure this is acceptable at the facility where you’re considering a storage unit.
  3. What about a “false floor”? Does the unit where you are considering putting your “cave” allow a false floor? The way we’ve seen this used is in a tall unit (10’+ height), false floor used to add a second floor of sorts to either increase storage capacity for collectibles or an actual work space for activities like modeling (planes, cars, trains, Star Wars spaceships, etc.). Again, you’ll want to ensure this is acceptable at your storage facility as there may be local ordinances prohibiting such use.
  4. Will your hobby create a mess? Every hobby will create some mess. The question is, will your hobby create a mess that will permanently affect the storage unit, such as spilled paint, grease, oil, etc.? If there is the potential for this, you’ll want to invest in supplies to help keep the mess contained and prevent damage to the storage facility. Discussing these plans with your facility management will ensure you won’t run into issues with your lease down the road.
  5. Are there restrictions on on-site consumption or materials? Some storage facilities have restrictions on what you can store, such as hazardous or flammable materials. You’ll want to be sure to read your lease agreement carefully and discuss any such restrictions with your storage facility management. Again, some restrictions are a result of local ordinances, and there is no option for flexibility from the storage unit owner or management.

Build Your Man Cave In Centennial or Englewood

At Neighborhood Self Storage we have storage units available that are perfect for developing your man cave. At the Englewood Boat & RV Storage location we have units perfect for the man cave, including power and heat during the winter. If your man cave includes a vehicle, we also have a car wash right on site that’s free for tenants to use. Need something closer to Smoky Hill and E-470? No problem, our Centennial Self Storage location has a car wash conveniently located across the street. Give us a call today at (303) 785-7578 to schedule your tour of the self-storage options we have available to help make your man cave achievable.

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