5 Uncommon Ways To Use Storage Space – #3: Photography Studio

Self storage units make exceptional studios for amateur photographers.

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What brings more joy to people than a great photograph? Ok, well there may be many things that people like more joy than a picture, but we sure do enjoy them. One of the challenges for many amateur photographers is having a proper photography studio. Whether you’re taking pictures of antiques, products for a catalog or website, or you’re shooting people, having the right studio can make or break your success.

What do photography studios have to do with self storage? This is actually our next Uncommon Ways To Use Self Storage.

#3: Self Storage Photography Studio

What makes a great photography studio? Well, there are actually several factors, including but not limited to:

  1. The right amount of space
  2. Ability to control both direct and ambient lighting.
  3. Ability to adjust focal length based on your subject.
  4. Equipment storage capacity.

So how does a storage unit help achieve your dreams of a studio?

Self Storage Photo Studio Dreams Come True

One of the chief things I hear about people who are dabbling in photography is the pain of setting up and taking down the studio when it’s not in use. I’ve seen some people use spare bedrooms, and others just use whatever space they can find at the time (including living rooms, kitchens, garages, basements, driveways…you get the picture). This makes it extremely difficult to get consistent quality among multiple shoots.

A storage unit can be a great option for a semi-permanent studio for many reasons. Consider these:

  1. Your studio is close to home. Many people choose a storage facility because of location, and this will remain true for the amateur photographer. You may not have your studio in your living space, but you will likely choose a storage facility within minutes of your home or office.
  2. It’s a dedicated space, don’t waste time setting up. When you work with a dedicated studio, you get to know the particular characteristics of the space, allowing you to quickly adapt and overcome whatever challenges you may face to get a quality shot. When you do adjust lighting or a backdrop, you don’t have to worry about trying to remember how you need to set it up the next time.
  3. Storage – well that’s obvious! With a storage unit, you obviously get storage space. When designing the inside of the unit for your studio, be sure to consider what kind of fixtures you’ll need to store your equipment. If you need to mount fixtures, like shelves or cabinets), be sure to check with the storage management first.
  4. Plenty of height. You don’t have to worry about the relatively low 7-8’ ceilings most homes have. Rather, in many storage units, you’ll have 8-10’ ceilings, providing for plenty of space for ambient light dissipation.
  5. For the “old school” photographer: dark room ready. A storage unit typically provides a great place for a dark room, as it’s naturally dark with the door closed. Before rushing out to purchase darkroom equipment, be sure to check on any lease or legal restrictions around the chemicals necessary for photo development.
  6. Open 24/7. When you have a home studio, you may be restricted on when you can use your studio if you live with others (roommates, spouses, children, you get the picture). A close off-site studio allows you to enjoy your hobby when you have time, and most storage facilities have 24/7 access.

Start On Your Storage Unit Photography Studio

If you love photography, why are you still reading this post? Get started by finding a storage facility near you, and get the studio you’ve dreamt of started. We offer some great studio opportunities near E-470 on Smoky Hill Rd at our Centennial Self Storage facility. If you need more space, or want to ensure you already have electricity and heat during the winter, be sure to check out the units available at our Englewood Boat & RV Storage facility. Give us a call today at (303) 785-7578 to get a tour and discuss your studio ideas with one of our storage professionals.

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