5 Uncommon Ways To Use Storage Space – #4: Small Business Space

Self storage units are good for so much more than simply storing the extra stuff you don’t want around. Let’s continue our look at the uncommon uses we’ve seen for storage units.

Uncommon Storage Unit Uses #4 – Small Business Space

Self storage units can be the perfect space to get your business started before moving into a more permanent location.

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One of the highest expenses you’ll run into with a business is the space for your business. Whether you have a retail business, make furniture or other wares, are an attorney, or drive a limo, just to name a few, finding a  space that’s affordable for you can be a real obstacle.

Fortunately, there is a very cost effective option that is a growing trend across the country: storage unit based businesses. I don’t mean running a storage unit, though that is growing itself, but rather using a self-storage unit for your business space. If you’re looking for a new space for your business, or are looking to take control of your future by starting a business, here are some things you’ll want to consider as you investigate facilities.

Finding The Perfect Storage Unit For Your Business

As you consider migrating to a storage unit based business, here are some things you’ll want to consider to ensure you get the perfect space.

  1. Equipment – What equipment do you need? If you need power equipment (saws, vacuums, drills, etc.), make sure you have electricity inside the unit, and the electrical load will stand up against what you need to do. Also, double check with the storage facility management to ensure there won’t be any problems with the equipment you need.
  2. Climate Control – Do you need a climate controlled environment? For instance, if you’re making candles, you’ll want to ensure your unit doesn’t get too hot during the summer or too cold during the winter, as either will damage your wax. Be sure to consider this carefully, and investigate if there are options aside from actual climate control that will meet your needs, which can help reduce the cost of your space.
  3. Location – If you’re going to have a business where you have clients come to your location, you’ll want to be sure your storage unit facility is convenient and relatively easy to find. Be sure you consider parking for your clients as well. finally, you’ll want to check with facility management to ensure there aren’t any problems with having a regular rotation of visitors.

Make The Move To A Mini Storage Office

Get the right space for your business from an unconventional source to either get your business started, or get in a better location for a better price. Why not come by our facility to see what kind of space is available, and conveniently located just west of E-470 on Smoky Hill Rd. Give us a call today at (303) 785-7578.

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