Decluttering Your Home For Summer

Do you live by the Phyllis Diller quote, “Housework can’t kill you, but why take the chance?” Are you constantly making excuses for the mess in your home rather than dealing with it? Now that winter is far behind us and spring has sprung, it is a good time to tidy up your digs, pack away seasonal clothing and declutter your home for the summer months. Decluttering helps to optimize space and make room for new things. There are some simple rules you can follow to make the decluttering process easier.

Love It Or Leave It

Everything has its own place in your home and if you do not have space for it then think about whether you really need that item? We hold on to things for many inexplicable reasons but when you are on a decluttering mission use this rule to decide whether to hold onto something or to lose it.  If you haven’t used or worn an item in the last year then think about whether you really need to hold onto it? If something does not fit you any more or it won’t sit well in your home, or your aesthetic, then you can dump it.  If you do need to keep the item but can’t make room for it in your home, consider packing it in self storage.

No More Multiples

If you go over your things, are you likely to find four hair straightness, three cocktail shakers, multiple phone chargers and ten pairs of black tank tops?  Buying the same thing in multiples is a weakness that many of us have. Multiple numbers of the same item does not serve any purpose because they perform the same function. You really need only one grater, hairdryer or wok so pack up the non-essentials and put them in storage.

Yes, No Or Maybe

If you are holding on to something because you might use it down the road, whether a beautiful designer dress with nowhere to wear it or a wedding gift, then it really shouldn’t be taking up space in your home. Don’t hold onto things you don’t need but you don’t have to trash everything you aren’t using currently. Pack away items that you are likely to use in the future in storage containers and put them safely in a self storage unit for use later.

How To Declutter Your Home

Go room by room and find space in your home for the things that you really need. For the items you need but do not use often or can’t find space for in the home, put them in self storage.

The Living Room

Most families generally spend most of their time together in the lounge area. So go through the living room area and look for books, DVDs, documents and other things that can be safely put away in storage to make room for the things that are currently in use.

The Kitchen

A kitchen full of clutter can cause a lot of stress and take away from the pleasure of cooking. Do away with multiples of the same kitchen items. Organize and put away cutlery and kitchen accessories in its proper place. If your kitchen has a desk area that the children use to do their homework or a place to store financial records, then take the time to tidy it up. Go through all your drawers and check your documents to put them in appropriate labeled folders. If you cannot find space in your home for necessary documents then consider a self storage unit.

Home Office

The home office can often be the most untidy and cluttered space with lots of documents lying around. Make use of your filing cabinet to put business documents in their proper place or think about placing your old invoices, receipts, records and contracts in a self storage unit.


The bathroom is often the most neglected area of your home. It may be time to clean up your bathrooms if empty shampoo and conditioner bottles take up cabinet space. Clean and organize the linen closet so that only towels you use take up space.

You may not be looking forward to spring cleaning but you can bask in the feeling of accomplishment after you have cleaned up your home of unnecessary clutter. You can clear space in your home by keeping your spare items safe and secure in Neighborhood Self Storage. Get a quote from us immediately.

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