5 Uncommon Ways To Use Storage Space – #5: Artist Studio

As we wrap up our conversation on uncommon uses for self storage units, let’s explore a unique option that will resound with many in the greater Denver community.DMENWCMGNQRY

Uncommon Storage Unit Uses #5 – Artist Studio

For artists, from painters to sculptors to musicians and everyone in between, one of the biggest challenges to creating art is having an effective space from which  to work freely. One out-of-the-box idea for a dedicated space is a local self storage unit. Depending on your particular needs, you may even want to consider an RV storage space, if you need tall ceilings and more room.

Why Self Storage Makes A Great Art Studio

Why would someone consider a self storage unit for their art studio? Here are 3 quick reasons you should visit your local self storage unit for a dedicated art space:

  1. PriceSelf storage units are very affordable, with spaces starting for under $100/month. Additionally, storage units typically do not come with a long-term commitment, so you can give it a try without being locked into a contract for a year or longer.
  2. Inspiration – Artists need inspiration to create art effectively. While just about anything can be inspirational, depending on the artist and art form, it helps to have a studio space that naturally lends itself to inspiration. Self storage units can provide this due to the vast array of people and things that move through our facility. At Neighborhood Self Storage, there is additional inspiration available with a breath taking view of the Rockies from right on our facility. Nope, we don’t charge more for quality inspiration.
  3. Dedicated space – Having a dedicated space really helps with making great art. Not having to drag everything out of a tucked away storage spot, and having plenty of room for your art to set or dry, for the painters, sculptors and potters. Or, for the musicians, not having to tear down the equipment every time you get done playing. Self storage units offer this dedicated space so you can spend more time creating the art you enjoy, rather than just setting up and tearing down.

What Should I Look For In A Self Storage Art Studio?

Now that we’ve explored why self storage may be a great option for your art studio, let’s explore a few things you’ll want to consider as you make the decision on what self storage facility to make your art studio.

  • Power/Lighting – Fist thing you’ll want to look into is the power and lighting available in your unit. Is there power already available in the unit, and if not, if the unit provider will do so, or let you run some? Is there sufficient enough lighting for what you want to do, and if not,what are your options for bringing in more light?
  • Insulation – Do  you need sound insulation in your unit? While most storage facilities won’t have this preinstalled, some won’t let you put any in either. Be sure you explore what kind of insulation you’ll need, if any, and discuss it with the storage facility management.
  • Temperature Control – Is your art sensitive to the temperature (either hot or cold)? If so, what temperature is ideal for you, and do you need actual climate control to achieve that temperature? Some storage facilities, including several units at Neighborhood Self Storage, are either subterranean, or partially subterranean, offering natural climate control. The units at our Centennial self storage facility stay at a pretty consistent 62 degrees Fahrenheit most of the year, and without the additional charge for climate control technology.

Your Perfect Self Storage Studio Provider

At Neighborhood Self Storage we have several options that are perfect for the amateur and semi-professional artist studio. At our Centennial Self Storage facility, located just west of Southlands Mall, we have plenty of units and sizes to meet your needs, including some partially subterranean units. Our Englewood Boat & RV Storage facility offers larger units with power already installed and ready for you. Our Englewood facility also offers climate control for the winter months, ensuring your unit stays above freezing. Contact us to schedule a tour of one our exceptional storage facilities and get your studio started today.

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