5 Summer Revamp Ideas For Your Home

Summer 2017 is here and with the temperatures rising and long days, it is an ideal time to tackle projects to refresh the home. With so much going on over the summer and the whole family at home, having a clutter-free space is really important. Having piles of things or non-essential items lying in your home can leave you stressed. Keep reading for ideas on how to organize and revamp spaces throughout your home this summer.

  1. Tidy Up The Kitchen

With warm weather here, chances are high that you will grill more so make sure that the utensils you will need are clean and within easy reach. Go through your spice rack and replace outdated spices and condiments with fresh ones. We have a lot of cookbooks that we no longer use, if so it would be a good idea to donate them. There may be cooking appliances you will not be using over summer. Check and clean before putting them away during the hot months. Lastly go over your cleaning supplies and toss anything that you no longer use.  If there are multiple bottles with the same product, combine them.

  1. Organize The Garage

Most people use the garage to conveniently store tools, yard equipment, sports gear and seasonal stuff. Set aside a weekend to clean and tidy your garage. Clear everything off the floor and make adequate shelving space in your garage. Put up shelves or hooks for your gear. It will increase storage space for your items within the garage. Use crates or plastic containers to neatly organize things and fit everything into your shelving unit. Most importantly get rid of any junk items that you haven’t used for years like broken shovels, old toys. You can also reclaim the room by putting equipment you no longer use for sale online like lawn mower.

  1. Sort And Store Winter Gear 

Summer is the perfect time to sort through your winter clothes before you store them. Chances are high that if you didn’t wear it during the past season then you won’t wear it next year either. Consider preparing a bag of your children’s clothing that is going to be too small next year to give to charity or consign it for sale. If you want to save the clothes for another child to grow into, make sure that you use the proper storage container. Properly label it with sizes and contents.

Do make sure that all winter clothing is laundered or dry cleaned before putting them in storage. Clean boots and shoes of dirt before storing them. Always use shoe trees or stuff with newsprint to keep their shape. It is preferable to store clothing and delicate fabric in a cool, even temperature (70 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal) and away from artificial or natural light. Consider climate-controlled storage for your winter gear.

  1. Change Up Your Bedroom

You probably spend a lot of time in your bedroom so you definitely deserve to have a beautiful space for some ‘me’ time. You can easily transform your boudoir into a relaxing sanctuary by changing up a few key pieces this summer. You can couple simple furniture with soft-toned paints on the wall to transform your bedroom into a summer oasis. Go through your bedroom drawers and get rid of all the clothes you’re not wearing. Make room for recent memories.

To make smaller bedrooms look bigger, center the bed and remove headboards.  Replace any heavy wooden items with textiles and use shelving units instead of standing furniture. Make full use of wall space to make these bedrooms more comfortable.  Keep it simple and minimal to keep cool through the summer heat.

  1. Bring Order To Your Basement

Basements and attics attract the most clutter as it quickly becomes a place to dump stuff. Things here seem to multiply when you’re not paying attention. So pay attention to items you buy in the first place and then store in the space. Surely you can make better use of the area downstairs instead of an indoor storage shed. Basements can be remodeled to function as living spaces instead of storage space for supplies. First get rid of items and things you no longer need old baby clothes, unused golf clubs, old furniture. Set up commercial shelving units and organize your wall of plastic containers, categorized by types of items (e.g., glassware, seasonal decorations, Tupperware, etc.). Now that your basement is clean and organized, feel free to be creative with the space. You can turn your basement into a spare bedroom, game room, your own library. Take into consideration everything from the size of the basement to the number of electrical outlets when making your decision.

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