Getting The Most From Your Storage Unit – Boxes

Your storage unit doesn’t have to be an overwhelming place with random boxes, bags and “stuff” everywhere. If you plan out your move and put boxes to good use, you can have an organized clean storage space that is easy to move in and out of without hassle. Here are a few box related things to consider:

Box Everything In Your Storage Unit

If at all possible, box everything. Boxes make it easier to organize your storage unit and maximize the space. Often times by properly boxing your items you will save money on your storage unit because you’ll be able to rent a smaller one.

You may be surprised to learn that are a big variety of available boxes. There are boxes for dishes, mirrors, pictures, clothes and more.  If you’re not a packaging expert it may be beneficial to just speak with a storage professional and he help you determine an affordable centennial self-storage solution.

Use High Quality Storage Boxes

Good packing boxes can me the difference between effective storage and a huge mess.Make sure that you invest in good quality boxes. Quality boxes will help protect your personal items from damage while the boxes are stacked on each other. A quality box is durable and sturdy and will last for years. Cheap or free alternatives may seem like a good idea, but beat up old boxes are more likely to break or rip from the weight of your personal items.

Label All Your Storage Boxes

There’s nothing worse than planning to go to your storage unit for a couple minutes to pick up a few items, but you end up staying for hours because you can’t find anything. Take the time to label your boxes and make it clear what’s inside. You’ll thank yourself later.

Bubble Wrap, Foam and Popcorn

These item are obviously not boxes, but very important when packing your more fragile belongings. Be sure to pack your boxes as fully as possible, use foam and popcorn to fill the spaces and bubble wrap to protect items. You don’t want your grandmother’s dishes banging around in the boxes every time you move it.

Simply putting a little effort into planning will help you get the most out of your storage unit and being strategic about your boxes will save you time and money.

Come Visit Neighborhood Self Storage

If you have any questions regarding boxes or storage units give us a call at (303) 785-7578 and speak with one of our storage professionals. We’ll make sure you get into the right size unit and have the supplies you need to make your storage experience as simply and easily as possible.

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