Using A Self Storage Facility As A Man Cave

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Believe it or not, but men are not just using self-storage facilities for storing items. According to many reports, an increasing number of men are turning these self-storage units into personalized and fun man caves. Men are placing decked out pool tables, bookcases, flat screen TVs, computer workstations that is stocked with stationery and small office gadgets and comfortable chairs and sofas. Other men may decide to install a dart board, a refrigerator stocked with snacks and drinks, posters of athletes and masculine images on the wall, and even stylish floor mats or carpet. Here are tips on creating a man cave inside a self-storage unit that suits your specific personality.

Have A Theme For Your Man Cave

You can make your man cave more exciting if you come up with a theme that best describes your personality and interests. If you love to watch the NFL, you could place a flat screen TV on the wall and you can purchase a large throw blanket that is football-themed on the leather sofa you have in the unit. Place posters of popular quotes from legendary and current football coaches and players around the room and you can buy a few football-themed figurines for display.

Include Fitness Equipment

Maybe you want to create a gym inside the self storage unit and in order to do this you could purchase a few pieces of fitness equipment such as a treadmill, weightlifting equipment, exercise mats, balance beam and an exercise bike. Also include a refrigerator filled with healthy foods and drinks and put some towels and exercise DVDs inside the unit.

Add Stylish Furniture

Perhaps you are not heavily into sports and you do not want to turn your man cave into a gym. If you want sophisticated masculinity in your man cave, add some stylish furniture such as an antique chair and sofa, art Deco table lamp in several colors, oriental rugs, or oak bookcases to store your classic literature books and journals.

Self storage facilities are no longer just for storage; they can be used to create the ultimate man cave for yourself and possibly your buddies. From hobby items to storing your car parts or using it as a mechanic work shop, self-storage facilities have outgrown their traditional use. You may not decide to spend much time in the man cave, but instead see it as a decorative outlet without the scrutinizing eyes of a loved one. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that the man cave has gone beyond the house basement. Discover your man cave by visiting a local neighborhood self-storage facility and rent a unit today.

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