Eco-Friendly Measures For Your Home And Self Storage

At Neighborhood Self Storage, we want to encourage people to think about the environment that surrounds us and to take some considered steps in order to change your living space to be more eco-friendly. Go green to protect the earth and also save a lot of money doing it. You can start with simple changes in your daily routine and also in your home, office and self storage and that too within a budget.

Every Small Change Matters

You can make a big environmental impact with even the smallest change around you. If you are mindful and turn off appliances, turn your thermostat up/down by two degrees, take shorter showers, trade your plastic bags for tote bags, purchase recycled paper, use laptop computers instead of desktop ones, use energy saver light bulbs or even use refillable ink cartridges for your printer, all of these small measures add up to make your household more green. Pay bills online and go paperless for your bills and bank statements. This will help save trees, and do ensure you recycle any paper that comes through the post.

Upgrade Lighting Fixtures and Appliances Change outdated fixtures and appliances to see savings on your utility bills and also avoid wasting water and energy. According to the Energy Saving Trust, homeowners can make substantial savings off their energy bills by switching to energy efficient bulbs and it is better to use LED lights for external signs for offices and shops. Instead of using dryers for your clothes, you can air-dry clothes as much as possible. There are cheap low-flow showerheads that you can buy at hardware stores to install in your bathroom. It can save nearly 18-200 gallons of water annually for a family of four.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Stop using chemical-based cleaners for your home and instead choose eco-friendly cleaners that are easy on the environment and your wallet. If you buy the materials in bulk, and store extra bottles in your self-storage unit, then you can save even more. It is easy to make a natural drain cleaner by mixing one cup baking soda with one cup vinegar. You can spray mold with 5% concentrated vinegar or scrub with borax or hydrogen peroxide. Freshen the air in your home and office using two cups of hot water in a spray bottle and mixing it with lemon juice and a teaspoon of baking soda. Spray throughout the room to remove an odor. You can even make your own organic furniture polish with one juiced lemon and two cups of olive oil and use a soft rag or cloth to apply the polish on your furniture and buff well till it shines.


If you have space in your yard, do plant a tree as it is good for the air and the environment around you. You can even create a green roof with grass and small plants for improved insulation and to reduce energy bills. Potted houseplants such as rubber plant and philodendron help filter the air in your home by taking in toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide and giving out oxygen, which is the best and most natural way of purifying the air you breathe. Water your plants frequently and breathe fresh air in. How Can Self Storage Help You Go Green Households and even businesses can lower energy consumption, put out less waste into landfills, and improve the air quality around us making the world that much better to live in. Even self storage can help you go green.

Use less energy by storing items in self storage. Since the unit is self contained and there is no one opening and closing the door constantly, the temperature remains steady using less energy and it costs much less to keep your self storage unit at a particular temperature than any space within your home. When storing items in your garage, attic or shed, there will inevitably be some damage to your belongings from exposure to temperature and humidity swings. You will have to throw some of the things out but in a storage unit, you can preserve your items for a long term with controlled and regulated temperature and humidity controls.  You contribute less waste by using self storage. Many self storage facilities use eco-friendly measures like solar-panels on rooftops, solid insulation to save energy and programmable thermostats to keep energy use to a minimum.  You use only what you need. You can choose the right size storage unit according to the space you need, so you only pay for what you need too.

Additional Tips

When you are preparing items for storage, use ties instead of tape wherever possible as it takes a huge amount of tape to secure a box and tape manufacturing is not an eco-friendly process. Use self-closing containers, totes already available to you for storage and reduce the need for ties or tape all together. Choose hardy earth-friendly recycled cardboard boxes rather than plastic or other materials. If boxes are made from recycled materials then it is even better.

Choose eco-friendly packing materials, like old towels, duvet, blankets, and newspapers to wrap the corners or to protect fragile items.  If you buy packing materials, then choose eco-friendly ones like starch peanuts or recycled plastic bubble wrap, etc.

If you are interested in storing your extra items, contact Neighborhood Self Storage. We have conveniently located facilities with experienced staff on site to help you find the exact storage solution for your needs. At Neighborhood Self Storage we understand the needs of Aurora, Centennial, and Elizabeth/Parker, Littleton and Lone Tree area business owners.

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