Five Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Self Storage

Self storage offers irresistible deals, 24/7 security and easy access features. So when you decide to rent a self-storage unit to store all your extra belongings, it is easy to make the mistake of just piling everything into boxes to shift into the unit and then forgetting about it. But if you want to avoid any major damage to all the items in storage, you have to put some thought into the moving process and organization so that you can avoid stress and complications later when trying to access your stuff. Here are 5 extremely common mistakes that you should avoid when putting belongings into a storage unit.

  1. No Labels

Do you want to pile up scores of boxes in storage units without any labels? In the rush to move your items into storage, you may overlook the most important rule of being organized- labeling. If you think you will remember what is inside every box and container, then you are mistaken. Give it a few weeks and you will forget where you put your favorite jacket or book. Without proper labels to tell you what is in every box, you will be frustrated and wasting precious time trying to find things in the storage unit. Remember to label every box clearly and on a side that is visible so you do not have to dig through boxes.

  1. No Organization

 When moving items for storage, people usually spend the least amount of time unloading everything into the storage unit. But it is best to plan out where and how you will be storing your items in the unit. Slow down, think and carefully load your storage unit to avoid a big mess. Stack your boxes correctly for easy access in the future. You can stack vertically but put the lighter boxes on top and use shelving to take full advantage of the floor space and height of your storage unit.

  1. Not Securing Sufficient Space

We often wrongly estimates that a good sized room will do to put everything they want in storage. However, we do not think of all the items we want to put into storage when we are renting the unit. When you start packing, you will definitely be adding more boxes and by the time you get to the facility you will have more containers and boxes than you have room for in the unit. If you want to avoid storing the excess boxes in your basement or attic, then be sure of what you want to keep and put in storage before you pay for the unit. Before the move, go over the items you want to put in storage and use the unit size estimator to book the correct sized unit for you. You do not want to be paying for extra space in self storage that you do not use either.

  1. Not Visiting Your Storage Unit

Space comes at a premium and while there are certain things you just cannot part with, you can still save money and space by regularly purging. Do not use your storage unit as a museum to visit once annually. You can potentially downgrade to a smaller unit size too after you visit your storage facility, maybe once every three months to go over what you have stored. Maybe you will find things that you’ll never need again and decide to get rid of them or donate them to charity. If you have not needed something in over six months, chances are high you never will. So clear-out what you do not need and save some cash. Inspecting your storage unit regularly will also assure you that your items are safe and there are no rodent or pest issues that can cause damage to your belongings.

  1. No Insurance

Even with the best security features in the storage business which includes surveillance cameras, gated access, clean and dry units, intercom connection, padlocks, patrols and inspections, it is still not possible to eliminate the chance of natural disasters occurring. It will happen regardless of any human intervention, and it is best to be prepared. Just like you would purchase insurance for your home or at work for those unpredictable events, similarly you should invest in insurance for your stored valuables in self storage. Make sure all your items are covered for damage and loss due to theft or natural disasters like flood, fire, hurricane, etc.

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