Why you Should Consider a Heated Storage Unit

When you are looking into renting a storage unit, you have many options at your disposal. Most units are simply large storage lockers with an overhead door that allows for easy access. Also, most people who store items are not storing anything that is going to perish in extreme weather conditions. They simply need to clear some space in their home.

However, if you are looking to store items that are valuable, perishable, or that need extra care, it would be wise to rent a heated storage unit to protect those valuables.

Storing Artwork and Musical Instruments

Artwork and musical instruments are especially sensitive to extreme weather conditions. Instruments will seize up and crack when the weather gets too cold. Paint on old paintings will begin to dry and crack irreparably if left in the cold for too long.

Moreover, heat will cause paintings to begin to smear and fade while it could cause musical instruments to loosen up to the point that they begin to fall apart slowly.

Automobiles, RV’s and Machinery

Any type of car, motorcycle, or RV is going to susceptible to the cold and heat if it is not being driven regularly. Instead of leaving the car in your driveway or just renting a standard storage unit, it is best to find a heated unit that will keep the temperature even during the course of the year. There is nothing worse than going to start a car you’ve had in storage and realizing everything froze up over the winter.

Machinery acts in much the same way. Computers, copiers, milling equipment, and power tools can only stay in the cold for so long before their internal workings begin to freeze up. Keeping them in a heated unit allows for them to rest comfortably until you need to use them again.

Paperwork and Documents

Valuable documents and paperwork respond to the cold and ice just as artwork will. Frozen documents will stick to each other possibly blur the print on each page. This could render very important documents useless when you need to use them.

After the documents thaw, there could be leakage in the ink and that could smudge the pages even further. A heated storage unit keeps the temperature the same all the time so that your documents can remain useable until they are needed.

Investing in a heated storage unit is a wise decision for anyone who has sensitive items to store. Artwork, musical instruments, cars, and sensitive documents need to be protected in a heated storage unit that will shield them from the elements until you need to use them again.

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