Why Should You Keep Your Christmas Surprises In Self Storage?

As the holidays draw closer, in all probability you will have loads of Christmas shopping and presents taking up a whole lot of space in your home. There may be enough toys under your bed to start up a toy shop. Your closet may be brimming over with towers of boxes. Clutter is not a happy situation to be around, especially in such a stressful time as the holidays.  Whether you started your Christmas shopping late or months in advance, there is a short term solution for this yearly dilemma: self storage. 

Units For Gift Hiding

Kids just can’t resist snooping around their parents’ room in the hopes of getting a peek at their Christmas presents before the big day. You may have run out of places in your house or garage to hide the loot from prying eyes. A storage unit is the perfect snoop-free protection for all the gifts you’ve bought. It will ensure that come Christmas morning, you’ll be able to revel in the element of surprise.

Month-to-Month Leases

Many people have this idea that renting self storage means being tied down by long-term financial commitments. A typical self storage lease is flexible and month-to-month, which is just right for any kind of holiday shopper. You can rent storage units for however long you want and even better at an affordable price during the holidays as a temporary storage solution. If you are only going to be storing Christmas presents, you will only need a small storage unit, which will save you even more money.

Storage Options

Storage units come in a wide range of size, but the standard 5X5 unit is ideal for storing kids toys, jewelry, clothing, and small household items. For larger items like flat screen TVs, or recliners, bikes you may want to opt for a larger size storage unit. You can also get car storage and covered parking to safely store your valuable investment, without any fear of theft. Go ahead and boy your significant other a new car or boat for Christmas.

Specialty storage offers a range of features and services that serve your need beyond just the standard 5X5 to 10X30 storage units. Some storage facilities may have specialty features like storage lockers, which are ideal for hiding small Christmas gifts, and can also be used to store Christmas decorations after the holidays.

Specialty storage may also include features such as climate-controlled storage, WiFi access, and mail package acceptance which makes it ideal during this busy time of year

Climate Control

Your gift stash probably includes a few temperature and humidity sensitive items like wine, photographs, delicate fabric, antiques and framed artwork. After all you have a lot of people on your holiday shopping list with varied tastes. You should try to find a facility that offers storage units with climate control. Such units regulate temperature and humidity to preserve your valuable gifts way better than your garage does.


A storage facility offers robust security features that go above and beyond what the average home has. This can include a heavy-duty disk lock, surveillance cameras, personalized gated access, on-site management, and individual alarmed units.

Create Space in Your Home

There’s a tree in your living room, piles of food on the kitchen table and relatives in your spare room and on your couch. You need all the extra space you can get in a crowded house during the holiday season. Renting a storage unit during the holidays can give you extra space, which helps remove any stress created by not having enough space in your home to hide big gifts, entertain friends, or out of town guests.

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