Decorate For Christmas In Small Spaces

A lack of space in your apartment or small house should not get in the way of you exhibiting your holiday spirit. While decorating small spaces in the spirit of the season can be quite a challenge, it is not an impossible task. It is not just about the scale but also about imaginative choices in color and design to mark any holiday you’re celebrating. Keeping that in mind, here are some tips to help you decorate your small apartment or home for Christmas.

Downsize The Tree

The centerpiece of any holiday is of course the big Christmas tree but if you do not have the space for a full-sized tree in your living room, you could get a small tabletop tree at your local Christmas tree lot and put it on a platform to create the illusion of a big tree. You can still capture the spirit of a grand Christmas with a small and simple tree. Dress up your tree with odd ornaments or go with the classy clear glass ornaments for a completely different effect. Place small gift boxes and bags under the tree, just to deck things up. You do not even have to go by the book; give the Christmas tree a miss and use string lights on your wall to outline the shape of a tree.

Think Beyond Traditional Red And Green

Loud Christmas decors in red and green can make your apartment seem even smaller. Skip festive prints and bold patterns that overwhelm a space and instead use more natural tones. How about using a silver and blue color scheme or using natural wood? And instead of cluttering your small apartment with chunky decorations use simple decorations and natural pieces to make a charming holiday statement in a small space. Replace any large store bought holiday table centerpieces for small handicrafts.

Make Use Of Vertical Space

Take full advantage of wall space by hanging left over ornaments from decorating your little tree. String strips of ribbon on your wall to create a Christmas tree display or just to display your Christmas cards. Find other places around your home to hang Christmas ornaments from, like from the ceiling or over a doorway. Using the ceiling for decorations draws attention upwards and makes the rooms appear larger than they are.  Break up your festive decorations with bits of greenery.

Bring Out Your Seasonal Decor

Consider swapping out what you use regularly for holiday items, such as holiday-themed throw pillows, personalized pillow covers and Christmas cards and pictures. Bring out your vintage lace tablecloth to create a more festive feel without taking up space.

Put Up Window Displays

When your rooms are small and space is tight, you have to make use of all available places like windows to hang holiday wreaths, Christmas ornaments and beautiful garlands.

Deck Your Shelves

Even though you do not have space for a large Christmas tree in your apartment, it doesn’t mean you cannot make it look festive. Use empty space on your bookcases, mantel, cupboards and other shelves to display Christmas figurines, ribbons, mini wreaths, Christmas lights, small plants and other holiday decor. You can also use mirrors effectively to add depth to small spaces in order to make them seem bigger.

Make Use Of Scent

You can rustle up some holiday spirit by using the right kind of festive aromas in your home. The proper use of warm holiday scents like cranberry and cinnamon can help you create the kind of atmosphere you want in your home.

Decorate With Door Displays

No matter how small your apartment, you will always have doors. Be creative in using it to display holiday decorations or a festive snow flake display. The front door of even your apartment is worth decorating by adding a homemade Christmas wreath or festive welcome mat for your guests.

Use Outdoor Space

If you are lucky to have a balcony in your apartment or maybe a deck in your small home, proudly step out and take the spirit of the season outdoors. Put up string lights on your balcony or hang holiday garlands from the balcony ceiling.

Use Self Storage To Free Up Room

Apartment dwellers often find self storage an ideal storage solution over the holidays to temporarily move some items into storage in order to free up space for decorations and guests. You can pack away things you will not need over the holiday season in storage to open up more room for decorations or even for a full-sized Christmas tree.



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