How to Pack Awkward items for Storage

Awkward items come in all variety of shapes and sizes, and not all of these items come in perfect geometrical shapes. Some items like pianos, pool tables, artwork, statues, standing clocks, curved sofa units, round tables, chaise lounges, ceiling lamps, china ware and kitchen appliances can be gaunt, angular or heavy. Awkwardness not only applies to shape and mass. Delicate and fragile items such as computer monitors and hard drives need to be stored with caution. Several solutions can mend this problem including using bubble wrap, stretch wrap, moving pads or even creating handles to go on the packages.

Bubble Wrap and Packing Tape
Arm yourself with some packing tape and some bubble wrap. These are the basic essentials for any move. Using bubble tape will at least provide a cushion against damage no matter the size or shape of the item. Bubble wrap is normally used for fragile items like chinaware and framed pictures. However, you can use the bubble tape as a buffer against collision with other objects to deter scratching or abrasions on furniture.

Stretch Wrap
Use stretch tape to mend awkward items together like parts of a lamp or any object that has complex parts attached to it but would be cumbersome to disassemble.

Moving pads
Use moving pads to push and pull heavy, cumbersome objects. The moving pads function as pseudo-wheels, so you can push the heavy object like a shopping cart. The moving pads are cushioned, smooth and rounded on one side for easy gliding. The other side is made of a non-slippery surface so that it adheres to the object. If you are moving a huge dresser, place each moving pad on the bottom four corners.

Create Handles
Create handles made of rope, electrical tape and other materials. You want to do this if no other human help is available. Place it on the object where you can get enough slack to carry it or drag it.

Other Methods
If the movable item is too awkward or heavy, and you can disassemble it, by all means take it apart. Disassembling may create more work for you later, but you will have more room.
If you have the original packaging, you can place the item back in its original box. This works well with electronics. Use a transit blanket to cushion it against damage instead if you do not have the original box. Transit blankets usually come with a moving truck.

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