Room For New Baby Accessories — Get Organized With A Storage Unit

As you prepare for a new baby, you’ll notice that baby supplies take up a fair amount of space. First, are the immediate needs for a newborn: a crib or bassinette, a changing table with storage drawers, a comfortable rocking chair and a dresser to store baby’s clothes. Within a year, you’ll also need room for a playpen and toy box. Additional helpful items include a windup swing, a playpen and a stroller, most of which don’t wear out with one child’s use.

For many new parents, extra space is a luxury they just don’t have. Therefore, moving out some unused or unneeded furnishings is a practical goal. Growing families may find that renting an economical storage space is the perfect answer. Moreover, when your baby reaches the stage where a child’s bed is called for, you may prefer to store all your infant furnishings for future bundles of joy.

Once a baby begins taking a few steps, it’s no time at all before the inquisitive toddler will want to explore everywhere he can reach. Prior to this stage, baby proofing your home is crucial. You may find tables or furniture with sharp edges or that topple over easily, which should be stored away for a few years. Don’t forget to look for any items made from breakable glass or with small pieces that could come off and cause choking. Many parents wind up with lots of children’s accessories that are too good to go to the dump. With a storage unit, you can amass reusable children’s items to stage a future garage sale – right out of your storage unit.

Rented storage space can pull multi-duty as well; storage units can hold holiday decorations, winter or summer wardrobes for the entire family, automotive supplies or even provide an additional room or living space. As children grow, they acquire sporting equipment and homemade projects from school that are too priceless to throw away. Cycling decorative items and artwork from your storage unit is also a fun way to keep your home décor interesting.

Today, it’s common to find people using their storage unit for hobbies, and some individuals even work inside their unit. When storing your child’s outgrown items, save a corner of your unit for a mini artist’s workbench or easel. Furthermore, a storage space makes an ideal exercise room, and you can gradually add new equipment as you go. Heat, electrical outlets and more are available at select units, so call ahead for information about your specific needs.

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