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Why you Should Consider a Heated Storage Unit

When you are looking into renting a storage unit, you have many options at your disposal. Most units are simply large storage lockers with an overhead door that allows for easy access. Also, most people who store items are not storing anything that is going to perish in extreme weather conditions. They simply need to clear some space in their home.

However, if you are looking to store items that are valuable, perishable, or that need extra care, it would be wise to rent a heated storage unit to protect those valuables.

Storing Artwork and Musical Instruments

Artwork and musical instruments are especially sensitive to extreme weather conditions. Instruments will seize up and crack when the weather gets too cold. Paint on old paintings will begin to dry and crack irreparably if left in the cold for too long.

Moreover, heat will cause paintings to begin to smear and fade while it could cause musical instruments to loosen up to the point that they begin to fall apart slowly.

Automobiles, RV’s and Machinery

Any type of car, motorcycle, or RV is going to susceptible to the cold and heat if it is not being driven regularly. Instead of leaving the car in your driveway or just renting a standard storage unit, it is best to find a heated unit that will keep the temperature even during the course of the year. There is nothing worse than going to start a car you’ve had in storage and realizing everything froze up over the winter.

Machinery acts in much the same way. Computers, copiers, milling equipment, and power tools can only stay in the cold for so long before their internal workings begin to freeze up. Keeping them in a heated unit allows for them to rest comfortably until you need to use them again.

Paperwork and Documents

Valuable documents and paperwork respond to the cold and ice just as artwork will. Frozen documents will stick to each other possibly blur the print on each page. This could render very important documents useless when you need to use them.

After the documents thaw, there could be leakage in the ink and that could smudge the pages even further. A heated storage unit keeps the temperature the same all the time so that your documents can remain useable until they are needed.

Investing in a heated storage unit is a wise decision for anyone who has sensitive items to store. Artwork, musical instruments, cars, and sensitive documents need to be protected in a heated storage unit that will shield them from the elements until you need to use them again.

Give us a call today at (303) 785-7578 to get a tour and discuss your heated storage needs with one of our storage professionals.

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Using A Self Storage Facility As A Man Cave

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Believe it or not, but men are not just using self-storage facilities for storing items. According to many reports, an increasing number of men are turning these self-storage units into personalized and fun man caves. Men are placing decked out pool tables, bookcases, flat screen TVs, computer workstations that is stocked with stationery and small office gadgets and comfortable chairs and sofas. Other men may decide to install a dart board, a refrigerator stocked with snacks and drinks, posters of athletes and masculine images on the wall, and even stylish floor mats or carpet. Here are tips on creating a man cave inside a self-storage unit that suits your specific personality.

Have A Theme For Your Man Cave

You can make your man cave more exciting if you come up with a theme that best describes your personality and interests. If you love to watch the NFL, you could place a flat screen TV on the wall and you can purchase a large throw blanket that is football-themed on the leather sofa you have in the unit. Place posters of popular quotes from legendary and current football coaches and players around the room and you can buy a few football-themed figurines for display.

Include Fitness Equipment

Maybe you want to create a gym inside the self storage unit and in order to do this you could purchase a few pieces of fitness equipment such as a treadmill, weightlifting equipment, exercise mats, balance beam and an exercise bike. Also include a refrigerator filled with healthy foods and drinks and put some towels and exercise DVDs inside the unit.

Add Stylish Furniture

Perhaps you are not heavily into sports and you do not want to turn your man cave into a gym. If you want sophisticated masculinity in your man cave, add some stylish furniture such as an antique chair and sofa, art Deco table lamp in several colors, oriental rugs, or oak bookcases to store your classic literature books and journals.

Self storage facilities are no longer just for storage; they can be used to create the ultimate man cave for yourself and possibly your buddies. From hobby items to storing your car parts or using it as a mechanic work shop, self-storage facilities have outgrown their traditional use. You may not decide to spend much time in the man cave, but instead see it as a decorative outlet without the scrutinizing eyes of a loved one. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that the man cave has gone beyond the house basement. Discover your man cave by visiting a local neighborhood self-storage facility and rent a unit today.

Disclaimer:  Neighborhood Self Storage has multiple locations with each location offering various features and amenities.  Please contact us for specifics.
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Various Sizes Available in Self Storage Facilities

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One of the main benefits of self-storage facilities is that the units inside the facilities are available in a variety of sizes. If you do not need a lot of space for your belongings, you can rent a small unit, but if you have large items such as TVs, stereos and bookcases, you would probably need a larger unit. Not all self-storage facilities have the same size units so before you sign a contract, you should tour some of the units to get an idea of the sizes that exist at the facility. Below are some typical sizes available in your everyday storage facilities.

5×5 Storage Units

This is a common size that you find at most self-storage units and this is a basic size for those who do not have many heavy items to place in a storage unit. This size resembles a home closet and is good for putting bags of clothes, medium-sized boxes of items and possibly one or two small coffee tables. If you just sold most of your larger items and only have boxes filled with documents or heirlooms, this unit will satisfy your needs.


This unit size is large enough to fit items from one room of your house and this is convenient for those who have one-bedroom apartments, but are in the process of moving to another apartment. A 10×10 can hold a medium-sized bed, boxes of items from your current bedroom and a few minor items from other rooms in the house such as your desktop computer, portable refrigerator or baby’s crib.


If you have large or medium-sized appliances such as a washer and dryer, this is the ideal size for you if you want to rent a storage unit. Other items that would fit in this type of unit include a futon, coffee table, flat screen TV, headboards and microwave.


This size generally has up to 300 square feet of space and it can hold just about anything. If you need space for your stove, refrigerator, kitchen table, boxes of silverware, outdoor chairs, bags of clothing and all of the desktop computers in the home, this is the right size for you.

No matter what your storage requirements are, your neighborhood self-storage facility will have the right unit to fit your needs. Call a location nearest to your home. A customer representative can generally help you over the phone, so you do not need to wait around once you arrive at the facility.

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Evaluating A Storage Facility

What to look for in a quality self-storage provider

Choose a storage unit on more than simply the storage prices.There are tons of different storage facilities out there. But, how do you know which one is best for you and how do you evaluate a storage facility? There are some things you can grade to get a good idea of how good the storage facility will work for your needs.  Let’s take a look at the location, price, accessibility and the security.

Self Storage Location

Location is the very first thing to consider when evaluating a storage facility. If a storage facility is in your price range, has all the bells and whistles you want, and has a good price, but is 150 miles away from you, it’s probably not going to work.

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It’s Moving Time – 5 Tips for a Successful Stress Free Moving

It’s time for the big move and suddenly all of your friends have stopped answering your calls.  Not to worry a couple of your friends will mysteriously show up as you’re loading your last box and of course everyone will be available for the house warming party.  While in reality your friends may not be this bad, moving can be daunting if you are not prepared.  Here are just a few tips to make your move as stress free and successful as possible.

Find Your Self Storage Location First

Storage can become a big mess if you don't organize your space effectively.The last thing you want to do is look for a storage facility after you’ve already started moving. You will have enough on your plate with everything else, so find and choose a Centennial self-storage location that is safe and convenient for you.  A few things to consider are location, indoor or outdoor, and access. Of course there are many more but you need to think about the features you need before you pack a single box. Continue reading

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Getting The Most From Your Storage Unit – Boxes

Your storage unit doesn’t have to be an overwhelming place with random boxes, bags and “stuff” everywhere. If you plan out your move and put boxes to good use, you can have an organized clean storage space that is easy to move in and out of without hassle. Here are a few box related things to consider:

Box Everything In Your Storage Unit

If at all possible, box everything. Boxes make it easier to organize your storage unit and maximize the space. Often times by properly boxing your items you will save money on your storage unit because you’ll be able to rent a smaller one.

You may be surprised to learn that are a big variety of available boxes. There are boxes for dishes, mirrors, pictures, clothes and more.  If you’re not a packaging expert it may be beneficial to just speak with a storage professional and he help you determine an affordable centennial self-storage solution.

Use High Quality Storage Boxes

Good packing boxes can me the difference between effective storage and a huge mess.Make sure that you invest in good quality boxes. Quality boxes will help protect your personal items from damage while the boxes are stacked on each other. A quality box is durable and sturdy and will last for years. Cheap or free alternatives may seem like a good idea, but beat up old boxes are more likely to break or rip from the weight of your personal items. Continue reading

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Getting The Most From Your Storage Unit – Planning

Centennial Self Storage is a great way to keep your home from becoming a hoard.

Credit: TLC

“This is beginning to look like an episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive! I have to do something to get this stuff out of here!”

Ok, so maybe it isn’t quite that bad yet, but you obviously have more stuff in your home than you want, or you wouldn’t be looking into a storage unit. We want to help you make the most of your unit, so you get just the size unit you need, and are able to get to the things you want, when you need them. Here are some tips for making the most of your storage unit.

You May Not Need A 10×10 Storage Unit.

Here’s how a typical call into a self-storage facility may go (you may have experienced this yourself):

Caller: Yes, I need a storage unit, how much do you charge?
Storage Manager: Do you know what size you need?
Caller: Um…I don’t know, I’ve never rented a unit before. I have a bunch of stuff.
Storage Manager: Ok, you’ll probably need a 10×10 unit and that runs…

THE GOOD NEWS: you may not need the 10×10 storage unit. This is the “default” of many storage unit workers. We’ve found that if you have the space, you’ll probably use it, but may not be able to get to your things easily. This is, in part, because of a mismatch of space available versus space needed.

Before you start collecting prices, determine how much space you’re going to need. We have a handy dandy guide to storage unit sizes. Make a list of what you’ll want to store, and then use this guide to determine how much space you really need. You can always call our storage professionals for advice on the size unit you need based on what you need to do with the space.
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5 Uncommon Ways To Use Storage Space – #5: Artist Studio

As we wrap up our conversation on uncommon uses for self storage units, let’s explore a unique option that will resound with many in the greater Denver community.DMENWCMGNQRY

Uncommon Storage Unit Uses #5 – Artist Studio

For artists, from painters to sculptors to musicians and everyone in between, one of the biggest challenges to creating art is having an effective space from which  to work freely. One out-of-the-box idea for a dedicated space is a local self storage unit. Depending on your particular needs, you may even want to consider an RV storage space, if you need tall ceilings and more room.

Why Self Storage Makes A Great Art Studio

Why would someone consider a self storage unit for their art studio? Here are 3 quick reasons you should visit your local self storage unit for a dedicated art space:

  1. PriceSelf storage units are very affordable, with spaces starting for under $100/month. Additionally, storage units typically do not come with a long-term commitment, so you can give it a try without being locked into a contract for a year or longer.
  2. Inspiration – Artists need inspiration to create art effectively. While just about anything can be inspirational, depending on the artist and art form, it helps to have a studio space that naturally lends itself to inspiration. Self storage units can provide this due to the vast array of people and things that move through our facility. At Neighborhood Self Storage, there is additional inspiration available with a breath taking view of the Rockies from right on our facility. Nope, we don’t charge more for quality inspiration. Continue reading
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5 Uncommon Ways To Use Storage Space – #4: Small Business Space

Self storage units are good for so much more than simply storing the extra stuff you don’t want around. Let’s continue our look at the uncommon uses we’ve seen for storage units.

Uncommon Storage Unit Uses #4 – Small Business Space

Self storage units can be the perfect space to get your business started before moving into a more permanent location.

Storage unit business image used from:

One of the highest expenses you’ll run into with a business is the space for your business. Whether you have a retail business, make furniture or other wares, are an attorney, or drive a limo, just to name a few, finding a  space that’s affordable for you can be a real obstacle.

Fortunately, there is a very cost effective option that is a growing trend across the country: storage unit based businesses. I don’t mean running a storage unit, though that is growing itself, but rather using a self-storage unit for your business space. If you’re looking for a new space for your business, or are looking to take control of your future by starting a business, here are some things you’ll want to consider as you investigate facilities.

Finding The Perfect Storage Unit For Your Business

As you consider migrating to a storage unit based business, here are some things you’ll want to consider to ensure you get the perfect space.

  1. Equipment – What equipment do you need? If you need power equipment (saws, vacuums, drills, etc.), make sure you have electricity inside the unit, and the electrical load will stand up against what you need to do. Also, double check with the storage facility management to ensure there won’t be any problems with the equipment you need. Continue reading
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5 Uncommon Ways To Use Storage Space – #3: Photography Studio

Self storage units make exceptional studios for amateur photographers.

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What brings more joy to people than a great photograph? Ok, well there may be many things that people like more joy than a picture, but we sure do enjoy them. One of the challenges for many amateur photographers is having a proper photography studio. Whether you’re taking pictures of antiques, products for a catalog or website, or you’re shooting people, having the right studio can make or break your success.

What do photography studios have to do with self storage? This is actually our next Uncommon Ways To Use Self Storage.

#3: Self Storage Photography Studio

What makes a great photography studio? Well, there are actually several factors, including but not limited to:

  1. The right amount of space
  2. Ability to control both direct and ambient lighting.
  3. Ability to adjust focal length based on your subject.
  4. Equipment storage capacity.

So how does a storage unit help achieve your dreams of a studio?
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